What is "Adaptive Cyclery"? 

(And how can it help me get out riding or help me enjoy my ride more?)

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Our shop philosophy is "everyone rides" and we aim to make it true. We see adaptive cyclery as a spectrum, starting with basic good bike fitting and moving through alternate equipment, all the way to user specific modifications/adaptations if needed. We often find that getting someone out riding is far simpler than they imagined, and we aim to keep adaptations as simple and cost effective as possible. We will work with your existing bike or help you select one that may better fit your needs. We adapt and fit bikes regardless of where they were originally purchased. 

Some of the reasons people come in for adaptations/fit: 

  • Hands go numb while riding

  • Lower back pain

  • Balance issues/vertigo

  • Knee/hip issues (pain and/or reduced mobility)

  • Cycling with weak or prosthetic limbs

  • One hand conversions

  • Uneven leg length/strength

  • Paralysis - hemiplegia/paraplegia/quadriplegia

  • Cognitive impairments that affect riding

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