Sometimes, you just want to ride a bike.  Sometimes you just want to go have a picnic somewhere.  Sometimes, you just want to get out and enjoy a great day with your friends.  Sometimes, you just need to do something completely different to remind you of why you ride bikes in the first place.
The latest and greatest technology is wonderful, but not always necessary.  Our rental fleet is all about simplicity.  Comfortable, easy to operate, and carefree is the theme of our fleet. 


The City Line of bikes from State Bicycle Co. are updated classics.  Just like the vintage 3-speeds coming from Nottingham and Chicago, but stronger, lighter, and easier to ride.

Our fleet features front and rear luggage racks and fenders for aesthetics and utility.  The three gears are selected with the flick of a wrist, and the brakes are applied by pedaling backwards.

Rental bikes are available with men's diamond and ladies' step-through style frames in several sizes, and proper fit gets dialed in before your retro adventure.