Common Services

Replace Tire/Tube   $5+Tube

Shift Adjust -  Front & Rear   $20

Brake Adjust -  Front & Rear  $20

Wheel True  $10 - $25

Headset Adjust  $8

Bottom Bracket Adjust  $15

Replace Shift/Brake Cable  $5

Replace Grips  $5

Wrap Road Bars  $18

Replace Chain  $10

Replace Pedals  $8

Replace Saddle  $8

Set Up Tubeless Tire  $25+Parts

Setup Suspension  $15

50-Hour Fork/Shock Service  $30+Parts

200-Hour Fork Service  $80+Parts

Hydraulic Brake Bleed  $25 ($40/pair)

Inflate Tire  FREE


Flat tire? Brakes squeaking? Bike doesn't shift quite right? Need a new tire? 
Come in during our normal business hours and we should be able to fix it while you wait!
Quick Tune  -  $60
  • Spot truing of Wheels

  • Shift and Brake Adjustment

  • Lube Chain, Cables, and Pivots

  • Safety Check

Professional Assembly (Basic Tune-Up)  -  $85

Includes Everything From the Quick Tune-Up, Plus:

  • Full Wheel True -Radial and Lateral

  • Adjust All Bearing Surfaces

  • Properly Torque all Fasteners

  • Basic Fit to Rider (For Pro Assembly)

  • Light Cleaning (Basic Tune)

Maverick's Square Full Tune-Up  -  $110

Includes Everything From the Basic Tune-Up, Plus:

  • Remove, Degrease, and Lubricate Drivetrain

  • Clean Entire Bike and Polish Frame/Fork

  • Repack up to 2 Bearing Surfaces, If Needed

  • Frame Alignment

  • Free Installation of Tires/Tubes, and Brake Pads

Full Overhaul  -  $185

Includes Everything From Our  Full Tune-Up, Plus:

  • Remove All Parts From Bike

  • Clean and Repack All Bearing Surfaces

  • Install New Cables and Housing (Included in Price)

  • Properly Torque and Grease (or Loctite) All Fasteners

  • Paste-Wax Frame/Fork

  • Apply Rust Preventative to Steel Frames

  • Free Installation of Any Replacement Parts

  • * Rust Removal and Polishing, Add $40

Other Services

If your bike has a specific problem, most common minor services can be performed on the same day - often on the spot! 

Tune-ups take quite a bit more time - though we'd like to think they're worth the wait.  If you're in a hurry, we can zero-in on the problematic bits and get you rolling sooner.

Bicycle technologies continue to advance at an explosive rate, and you need a shop that strives to stay current, while not losing sight of the technologies that the industry was built on. 

We're an authorized dealer and service center for Electric Bike Technologies and Liberty Trikes.  We're also Bosch E-Bike certified!

We can modify existing bicycles to better suit their riders, do custom bike builds, refurbish or fully restore older bikes, and much, much more.